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Who we are

We are family. We are friends. We are people gathered around coffee and we love to help others along the way.

37 Coffee was born in the 37th kilometer mark of a Brazilian interstate. There, a family owned business started a coffee shop and reached the hearts of good people along the way, including the awesome family and friends from JC Mercantile in Kentucky.

After hours of conversation 37 Coffee was founded and now our passion for coffee crosses the borders linking our desire to deliver and serve specialty coffee to more friends and family.

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Brazil Medium Roast Caramel 1 Bag 12 Oz

$ 10.95 /month


Brazil Medium Roast Caramel 2 Bags 12 Oz

$ 19.95 /month


Brazil Medium Roast Caramel 4 Bags 12 Oz

$ 39.95 /month

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We are a coffee club

Our club can ship the amount of coffee you select monthly, always fresh, always specialty.

We are an online shop

We offer a selection of coffee to every taste and customer. Just browse and choose what fits best for you (Whole bean, ground or single brew cup).

A special brazillian coffee

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world and also an amazing place for specialty coffee.