How it Works?

You choose the coffee type and amount and every month you will receive a fresh batch at your door. Simple like that. No complication.

A coffee specially for you

Our coffee is sourced in Brazil by us, which mean that there is no middle man. We profile the coffee before its shipping to assure we will be able to replicate the roasting and aroma here. Our coffee is free of defects and always above 80 points, the minimum classification for specialty coffee.

You Join in our Club

By joining our club you will have monthly a fresh batch of coffee with the amount you need.

We deliver at your home

No worries, we get you back. It will always be delivered to the address you choose.

Prepared by your way

You can choose whole beans or ground. Want a different grinding size? Just let us know and we will ship the way you like.


Your coffee chosen by someone that understand and lives coffee

Always special, always free of defects

Roasted and packed artisanally

Always fresh so you can enjoy all the aroma and flavor of a good coffee


It’s a subscription like any other. Every month you will receive a fresh batch of coffee. During the registration you will provide your address and a credit card for recurring payments.

Every month your subscription price is charged to your account and prices will vary accordingly with the plan you choose.

Forget about gourmet coffee. Our coffee is selected by us in Brazil with a direct connection with farmers. A unique product, 100% Arabica and always above 80 SCAA points (Specialty Coffee Association of America).

The payments are done using a credit card and others available (Amazon Pay, Apple Pay etc).

The first coffee is posted in the mail 2 days after you first payment. Subsequently and monthly subscriptions are sent on the FIRST Monday of each month.

Yes, you can pause and resume your subscription at any time by accessing your account and making the necessary changes.